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DMM Pivot

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DMM Pivot


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Product Overview:

DMM PIVOT The DMM Pivot is a versatile, high-performance belay device. Smooth action when you're paying out rope; yet enables a confident catch and controlled lowering.

The innovative pivot system allows great control and safety when you're lowering a climber in Guide Mode.

Carefully designed to ensure optimum friction for a wide variety of rope diameters.


  • An eternal favourite among climbers
  • Two modes: Normal and Guide
  • Smooth action
  • Lightweight

Rope Compatability

  • Single: 8.7–11mm
  • Half: 7.3–9.2mm
  • Twin: 7.3–9.2mm

Tech Specs

  • Optimised for ropes between 8–10.5mm diameter, but accommodes 7.3–11mm
  • Recommended with the DMM Rhino for smooth action in Guide Mode
  • 72g
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Brand DMM

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